Sprouting seeds

What is the best and easiest way to make a seed sprout? Is wrapping it up in a damp paper towel a good way, or is that just BS?
Fort Smith, AR

The best way to state seeds is to place them in the planting medium in which they are to be grown. If the plants are to be grown in a planting mix, it should be sterile or pasteurized. They can also be started in rockwool cubes or Oasis grow cubes. The seed should be placed about 1/4 inch deep into the medium or soil and kept moist at all times. A plastic dome or sheet of plastic wrap will stop the medium from drying out.

Once the seeds begin to germinate they should be irrigated with a 1/4 strength bloom fertilizer for the first week and after that with a vegetative type fertilizer of normal strength.

Some people prefer to germinate seeds in a damp paper towel which is covered with plastic. As soon as the seed shell pops it is placed 1/4 inch deep in the planting medium. I don’t think this increases the germination rate, and the seedling can be damaged while it is being planted.

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