Miniature garden

I am using four two-foot 20W cool white bulbs in my little two square foot garden. I may also use side lighting. I will switch to warm white bulbs to flower and use a 12 hour light/dark regimen. The last time I grew, I waited a long time, but maybe not long enough, but they never seemed to really ripen with amber glands. Tell me, how can I get them to ripen real nice?

There are several reasons why the plants you were growing did not ripen properly.

The plants might have been from a variety that requires more light than you were supplying so that the buds formed incompletely. They would be loose and run up the stalk.

The plants might have received an irregular light cycle. Indoors, to flower plants, gardeners maintain a regular cycle of 12 hours of light (which may be interrupted) and 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness. If this cycle is jiggled rather than kept on a strictly regular basis, the buds might have gotten mixed signals and not ripened properly.

The variety might be a very late developing variety, or one that never truly ripens. These plants are occasionally encountered, especially in sativa type varieties.

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