Cannabis travel advisory

Pot-smoking air travelers can expect longer delays and more danger as airlines and airports implement draconian security measures, especially on internal and domestic flights originating or headed to the United States. Some of the security procedures in place at airports are also being implemented on other modes of transportation, such as trains.
New rules enacted by the US Congress require that all checked baggage be examined and tracked. Although airlines have interpreted the new laws in different ways, officials say that sniffer dogs, visual inspection, and machine inspection of checked luggage will become standard procedure at most airports.

Cabin carry-on baggage has already been subjected to increased scrutiny and regulations, with passengers forced to carry only one piece of small carry-on luggage. These items are being x-rayed more carefully than before, and hand searches of carry-on luggage are far more prevalent than before 9-11.

Possible risks for pot people have increased exponentially. Sniffer dogs can be trained to sniff for bombs and for drugs. Visual examination of luggage by personnel can reveal even carefully-disguised contraband.

Security personnel, backed by machine-gun toting National Guard troops who are often inexperienced kids, do not have to respect normal constitutional prohibitions against unreasonable search and seizure.

In the climate of mass hysteria created by the 9-11 attacks, uneducated security personnel, who in many cases do not have even a high school diploma and are unable to speak English, have more authority to search a person’s body and possessions then street law enforcement officers have.

Pot people who don’t want the 9-11 police state to completely stop them from traveling with marijuana must be very clever and cautious to avoid detection and possible arrest.

Here are some tips for cannabis travelers:

* Anonymously mail marijuana ahead to your destination so you don’t have to carry it.

* Make safe contacts in your destination locations so you can procure marijuana when you arrive.

* Carry the most concentrated marijuana possible, in smellproof containers that will not alert security personnel.

* Do not carry any items that might be viewed as weapons.

* Be well-groomed, pleasant, and straight-looking.

* Don’t trust your fellow passengers. There are undercover air marshals and narcs on many flights and in many travel terminals.

* In Customs areas and other areas where police dogs might be near you, lift any items containing contraband off the floor, unless such movement would cause the dog handlers to alert on you.

* If you have a qualified medical condition for which you use marijuana, get a doctor’s approval for medical marijuana.

* Create marijuana concoctions that do not look like marijuana. These include bubble hash and marijuana foods/tinctures.

* If you are jacked up by security personnel, make no statements, remain calm, and pray!

Cannabis Culture believes that the “war on terrorism” is a cover for the war on drugs. We recognize our responsibility to help the millions of good people who use marijuana to safely enjoy travel and tourism without being harassed by fascists. Look for interesting and practical articles about the spread of the police state and ways to survive it in future issues of our magazine.