Fast and slow curing

I would like to know different ways of curing bud. What does curing do to the bud? Can you tell the difference between a bud that was cured and one that wasn’t?
Grow Pioneer
Ocean, New Jersey

Bud is cured by keeping it cool for several days after it is cut. This allows metabolic processes to continue. The starches are converted to sugars, making the smoke smoother and “sweeter.” The best environment to cure bud in is dark with a temperature around 65-70?F (18-21?C), and humidity at 50%, with a continuous flow of fresh air.

After four or five days, the bud is ready to be dried. The temperature is raised to 80-85?F (27-29?C), and the humidity is lowered.

Fast dried buds omit the curing process. Slow-cured buds smoke smoother and have a more flavorful taste.

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