Subscribing to Cannabis Culture changed my life!

In the spring of 2000 I subscribed to Cannabis Culture magazine. At the time I was living in Calgary, Alberta, with my 2-year old son, working as a temp at a stuffy old insurance company and toking up in in my car on lunchbreaks. A few weeks later I got an email from CC editor Dana Larsen, telling me that I had won a special contest and that he wanted to fly me to Vancouver to smoke and eat pot at a special Cannabis Culture Ganja Food Party with staff and friends.
I had been chosen along with another subscriber, who was from Boston. We were both flown to Vancouver where we had a great time partying with the CC crowd. I saw Vancouver’s hemp highlights, smoked many different kinds of dank herb, ate spectacular ganja food, met many marijuana celebrities and had an amazing time. (The party was covered in CC#28: Cannabis Culture Summer party hardy!)

When I got back to Calgary I started hanging out in the Cannabis Culture website, and began exchanging messages with a few other pot-loving people in the CC forums. Dana and I also stayed in touch and after a few weeks he called me again, this time to offer me a job as his personal assistant. So I quit my job in Calgary and took my son to our new home on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

While working for Dana I stayed in touch with my internet friends, and one of them in particular, named “Foam”. He’s a fan of Dana’s Weedy Wednesday Smokefest on Pot-TV, and was inspired by an episode about the Sunshine Coast to move here from his home in the USA. He needed help on the long drive and asked me to come make the trip with him. I did, and during the week’s journey we fell in love, and were married soon after in the beautiful home we had found to live in together with our son.

My involvement with the marijuana movement has only increased. I helped Dana run both Federal and Provincial election campaigns, as well as running as a candidate for the BC Marijuana Party myself in the March 2001 elections, getting over 4% of the vote in my riding. Now I have begun the exciting new task of founding a medicinal cannabis compassion club on the Sunshine Coast, one of a half-dozen new clubs being sponsored by the BC Marijuana Party.

I can say that subscribing to Cannabis Culture has completely changed my universe for the better. I can’t guarantee that your subscription will win you a fabulous holiday, a new career, a soulmate, or political and activism success. But I do know that you’ll be very well informed about everything to do with our favourite plant, and that you’ll have many chances to win wicked prizes, chronic vacations and kind gifts just for being a subscriber to the magazine that absolutely improved my life!

Lisa A. Kirkman

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