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These are shots of my Burmese x F’in Incredible taken in September.

She is just starting to put some size on now. The top photo is a wide angle shot displaying her multiple budding sites. The bottom photo is a full frontal shot of one of her many colas and gorgeous colours.


Thanks for a great magazine. Thank God for seed-bearing plants. Genesis 1:11-12 and 1:29.

Rev Dean Jones, California

This is White Rhino after eight weeks of 12 hour light. Grown in pure hydro no root medium, under one 1000W HPS on a light mover.The last batch of 108 plants at 6″ spacing produced two pounds 14 ounces of #1 prime bud. This one and her sisters will likely do about 6 to 8 ounces better.

Sweet, aromatic, knock yer sox off stone!

Luv yer mag, keep on keeping on!


This is all from one Early Girl. The pic below shows the four main colas, the other photo shows the rest of the plant after trimming.This plant was grown in a milk crate, approx one cubic foot of soil. It was fertilized twice during flowering, once with plain 15-30-15 and then a blast of 10-60-10 bloom booster about four weeks before harvest.

These Early Girls will have well over 1/2 lb per plant of large resinous thick hard buds.


Above is a close-up of a bud on one of my outdoor plants, about three weeks into flowering. Below is a closeup of a bud on one of my indoor plants grown under 200 watt metal halide, almost four weeks into flowering. Both are from bag seed, very nice though, lots of crystals

Mr Nugget

This is my very first grow, and it looks very successful! The sun agro 430 watter proved to be quite efficient. I will be buying one more after these ladies are done. This is 25 days into budding. It’s just some bag seed I had collected.