The darkness before dawn

photo:  Spanner McNeilphoto: Spanner McNeilThese are dark times for those who love freedom. The tragic terrorist attacks of September 11 have allowed federal officials to quickly and easily implement anti-freedom laws that would otherwise have been politically impossible.
I believe that it is now more important that ever for our pro-cannabis, pro-freedom message to reach the world, to mobilize our movement and ensure that we continue in our quest to “overgrow the government.”

The cannabis movement continues to grow exponentially, as more and more people recognize the truth about prohibition and spread the good news that cannabis can help heal our bodies, our spirits and our planet. The cannabis cause has become a potent cultural force, with momentum and ever-increasing numbers of passionate devotees joining our cause.

In our fiery passion, stubborn devotion, peaceful protest and willingness to withstand persecution for our beliefs, members of the cannabis movement could be compared to early Christians. It is clear that there is enormous potential for the cannabis movement to affect far greater social change than the simple changing of a few laws.

Those within the movement know the amazing power of cannabis to treat a great many serious ailments, allowing the sick to rise up from their beds and the lame to walk. We also know that cannabis can help heal the earth, by drawing toxins out of the soil and air, as well as providing clean fuels, nutritious food, exquisite oils, supple fabrics, recyclable plastics and good medicine ? most of what we need to exist as happy, healthy humans on this planet.

We know that cannabis can help lead us to enlightenment, that there is something special and sacred in this plant that can give inspiration and insight into ourselves and others, enhancing our appreciation and pleasure in the world around us.

Accepting cannabis can give our societies an escape from the negative-feedback loops in which they have become enmeshed. The cannabis movement has the potential to trigger a global quantum shift, propelling us all into a better, more positive future.

Cannabis represents a better way. We invite the world to join us.

photo: Spanner McNeil

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture