Ripening crop reprise

In your column published in Cannabis Culture #29 (Feb/March 2001) you lead off with a question and answer titled Ripening Crop. I just wanted to add to what you said and get your feedback. I had the same trouble the other writer had, but my strain was a Thai strain. To get it to finish quicker with “Rock Hard Buds” I changed my light/dark cycle from 12/12 to 9/15.
To compensate for the shorter duration of the light cycle, I added an additional HPS HID light, taking the light intensity from 66.66 watts per square foot to 83.33 watts per square foot. My logic was that by changing the light cycle from the standard 12/12 to 9/15 I had reduced the daytime by 25%, and by adding the additional intensity I had added that 25% back into the equation.

So theoretically the plants got the same amount of energy as they had before, but in a shorter period of time. This worked perfectly for the Thai strain I was working with.

Kind Warrior,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Kind.

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