Right size light

I am trying to start a garden and I am looking for some pointers. I have a four foot by four foot area that is about five feet tall. I was wondering if you could provide me with a few suggestions on lights for that space size. How many plants could I grow there? How much yield should I expect?
C Hayes,
Norman, Oklahoma

Cannabis thrives on a high light diet. Your area is 16 square feet. An electrical input of 50-70 watts per square foot (psf) of high pressure sodium light provides the kind of intense rays which promote growth and flowering. A 1000 watt lamp over a 16 square foot area has an input of 62.5 watts psf. This is the right size lamp for the space.

The number of plants depends upon the variety you are growing. Some plants are big growers while others are adapted to small sea of green areas. Sea of green gardens use four or more plants psf. Some gardeners prefer to grow larger plants, using one or two square feet per plant.

Depending on the variety and how good a gardener you are, you should expect to yield between 3/4 and 1 pound of bud from a garden under a 1000 watt lamp. Most varieties ripen in 60-80 days.

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