Renee Boje: married and pregnant

Renee and mom: reunited after five years. Photo: Mark DunnRenee and mom: reunited after five years. Photo: Mark DunnUS drug war refugee Renee Boje was married to Pot-TV station manager Chris Bennett on December 1, 2001. Boje, who is currently fighting extradition to the US on charges of cultivating medicinal pot, described the wedding as “a magical ceremony in the spirit of the heiros gamos ? the sacred marriage of the god and goddess.”
Bennett is the author of Green Gold: Marijuana in Magic in Religion and Sex, Drugs and Violence in the Bible. The couple is expecting their first child in February, 2002.

Boje was recently reunited with some of her family during an August Hempfest in Ophir, Ontario. Event organizer Rob Waddell arranged for Renee’s mother and younger brother to be at the event, bringing the family together for the first time in over five years.

Sunshine Coast Compassion ClubSunshine Coast Compassion ClubAssistance in arranging the family reunion was provided by Compassionate Moms, a group founded by Todd McCormick’s mother, Anne, who also attended the Hempfest. Todd is still in jail for his role in the Bel-Air medical grow-op raided in 1997 (CC#19, Fighting for life in California). Peter McWilliams, the iconoclastic libertarian author who financed the operation, died of AIDS-related complications while awaiting sentencing (CC#27, The murder of Peter McWilliams).

Boje’s extradition status has been stalled for over a year, as she awaits a decision from Canada’s Minister of Justice, Anne McLellan. “Just because I’m married to a Canadian and expecting a child doesn’t guarantee my status in Canada,” explained Renee. “The US government is still actively seeking my extradition.”

Regardless of the decision made by McLellan, it will likely be appealed to Canada’s Supreme Court, meaning that the final decision as to Boje’s fate could still be a long time in the future.

If returned to the US, Boje faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years to life imprisonment.

Boje remains active within the marijuana movement, as co-founder and director of the Sunshine Coast Compassion Club, which is the first of what will be a half-dozen clubs sponsored by the BC Marijuana Party. The club had its grand opening on October 22, and had about 20 members as of late November.Sunshine Coast Compassion Club

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