Molds and bacteria

I store bud in my freezer, in containers injected with carbon dioxide. I am worried about smoking marijuana with harmful bacterium, fungi or mold on it, and the problem associated with long-term storage of a contaminated product. I read that cooler temperatures encourage Penicillium infestations that I am allergic to.
How can you identify bacterium, fungi, and molds? Does freezing bud in a CO2 atmosphere kill these things?


Marijuana is usually free of infection. Freezing stops virtually all growth of molds and fungi and most bacteria. However, it does not kill them. It just places them in suspended animation. Once the material is unfrozen, the organisms become active again.

Molds and fungi can be detected by a visual inspection using a magnifying glass or photographers’ loop. The mycellium produce fruiting bodies that form stalks on the leaf surface.

Anaerobic bacteria, which seem to be the most likely to attack marijuana, can be detected by an ammonia smell. If marijuana is healthy when it’s picked, and it is dried properly, it is unlikely to be infected.

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