Quebec Cup continues

Alain Berthiaume: sponsoring a celebration of Quebec cannabis.Alain Berthiaume: sponsoring a celebration of Quebec cannabis.Despite the arrest of organizer Alain Berthiaume the evening before, the Quebec Cannabis and Hashish Cup continued on Sunday November 11, with the hall filling up during the afternoon.
The party was smaller the next day, and most of those who arrived had no idea that their kind host was sitting in a jail cell while they enjoyed Day 2 of endless food, pot and music in downtown Montreal.

A group of about 50 activists at the event marched through downtown Montreal, bracing the biting cold winds to successfully block off traffic as they made their way to the police station where Berthiaume is being held.

Bearing impromptu signs and the Bloc Pot banner, the group chanted “Free Alain” as they arrived at the police station, where they were faced with a half-dozen cops who blocked their way into the station.

Cannabis Culture publisher Marc Emery and Canadian Marijuana Party leader Marc-Boris St-Maurice both made speeches, reminding the protestors and the police about the injustice of arresting and imprisoning someone whose only “crime” was to throw a fun party.

Police were reinforced with another half-dozen officers to help them withstand the crowd of toking, candle-holding and shivering protestors.

After making their point with a half-hour protest at the police station, protestors returned to the party in progress, warming themselves and smoking one for their host and friend, Alain Berthiaume.

Two police officers returned to the party later on Sunday evening, making their presence known, wandering around the event for about 20 minutes but not reacting to the many joints being openly smoked around them.

Because Monday is a statutory holiday in Canada, for Rememberance Day, Berthiaume will likely remain in jail until he can be brought before a judge on Tuesday.

Cannabis Culture salutes Alain Berthiaume, congratulating him on his dedication and efforts to promote cannabis freedom and a good time in Montreal. We encourage all pot-people to send him an email of support upon his return from three nights in jail.Alain Berthiaume: sponsoring a celebration of Quebec cannabis.

Alain Berthiaume: email [email protected]