Fake pot under attack

On June 19, the Baltimore Sun reported on how the fake-pot market was dealt a severe blow by US District Judge Alexander Williams Jr, who agreed with Justice Department lawyers that such products are “drugs” and not “dietary supplements.”
The case involved Maryland’s Hit Products, which does business as Dreamworlds and Riverdale Organics. Hit Products sells a wide variety of “fake pot,” including Inda-kind, Hydro, Herbal Opium and Chill Smoke, as well as tablets like X-Factor and Rave Energy.

The article said that Hit Products had some stock seized and destroyed, and that there was an injunction against further sales of their products. But in early July a company spokesperson said that the article was “full of falsehoods.” The spokesperson explained “We are still in business and selling products as normal. A lot of our stock has changed, but we still carry many popular smoking blends and herbal products. Nothing was confiscated and destroyed, and we haven’t seen any appearance by the FDA or other government authorities at our warehouse locations.”

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