Infrared detection

I have a high-tech concern riding my head: I have heard of infrared detection of indoor grow operations. Can the chances of this terrible possibility be reduced by insulating the wall all over and using plenty of Mylar reflection?
Is it the heat or the brilliance that is detected?

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It no longer matters. In the case of Kyllo vs. United States, the Supreme Court recently ruled that the use of infrared detection without a search warrant is a violation of privacy, and constitutes an unreasonable search.

The Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco previously ruled (in 1999) that the warrantless use of such devices to check for an indoor marijuana-growing operation did not violate the 4th Amendment’s prohibition of unreasonable searches.

On June 11, 2001, the Supreme Court overturned the U.S Circuit Court’s decision, making such searches illegal. Police are no longer allowed to randomly search neighborhoods or individual dwellings without the permission of the court, Their scan must be based on solid evidence. Police are still allowed to use infrared devices when they have obtained a warrant.

To answer your question about infrared detection, these devices detect heat.

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