Jamaican pot paradise

Jamaica has a well-deserved reputation as a ganja paradise. Potent, tasty varieties of outdoor weed have grown there for decades, and some Jamaicans are now running indoor grow rooms that cross-breed the best worldwide genetics with Jamaican originals.
Ganja tourism is centered in the coastal Negril region, which is crowded with resorts and amenities that range from squalid to luxurious. You can buy an armful of red-haired buds for $50 on your way to Negril from Montego Bay airport, and then party non-stop at reggae beachbars, clubs, and exclusive tourist enclaves, like Club Med, that make Negril a Mecca for bratty college kids and sex-seeking hedonists.

To be honest, parts of the Negril scene are fun but not necessarily classy or safe, and might not appeal to sophisticated, enlightened cannatourists looking for Jamaica’s friendly people, beautiful ecology, and warm beaches without the excesses of establishments that cater to impudent youngsters, flesh lovers, and alcoholics.

Savvy cannatourists looking for a safe beautiful environment in which to enjoy Jamaican herbs and hospitality are finding the ideal holiday at quality sites like the Lost Beach Resort, which is just a short drive from Negril.

Lost Beach Resort is at the end of Old Hope Road on pristine oceanfront property. The Resort is located in an ancient fishing village. For centuries, indigenous people have been gathering sustenance, including delicious lobsters and other prized species, from the nearby reef. Today, low-impact fishermen are still enjoying the reef’s bounty; visitors to Lost Beach enjoy watching them bring in their catch in traditional dugout canoes!

The Lost Beach Resort is run by progressive, enlightened managers who’ve created a sustainable tourist experience that combines low-density accommodations with palm trees and exclusive oceanfront access.

This place has something for everyone. If you want to camp out under the stars, sheltered by palm trees, lulled by the sound of wind and waves, you can get a tent space near the water for less than $40. No tent? Try a thatched hut or oceanfront cabin. They’re rustic, but comfortable and affordable. You can lap up luxury in rental apartments of various sizes, or go hog wild and rent the stunning oceanfront beach house that can easily provide splendid shelter for a large group. These lodging options are spread out on prime oceanfront property so you feel gloriously secluded in paradise.

Some people visit Jamaica so they can sit on the beach, drinking coconut rum and smoking phat spliffs. That’s relaxing, and Lost Beach is a great place for totally chilling out, but if you want to be more energetic, the Resort offers lots of exciting activities onsite and nearby.

You can bike, jog or do nature study on miles on picturesque trails. You can swim in the outdoor pool or in the fabled Caribbean, which has some of the best snorkeling opportunities in the world. You’re only a few minutes from golf courses and wine tasting. You can play volleyball or ride horses. After your active days, relax in the resort’s hot tubs, have a gourmet meal at the highly acclaimed Lost and Found Bar & Grill, then head to Negril for a bite of the wild nightlife that has made Negril famous.

Every day is an adventure. Lost Beach management can arrange your visit to Bob Marley’s house in nearby Little Bay. They’ll get you to waterfalls and virgin forests. If you’re feeling courageous, visit Negril’s cliffs and leap off for an 80 foot fall to the blue water below.

World travelers have lauded the Lost Beach Resort, and it’s an especially appropriate place for cannatourists. The Resort’s managers are community-minded folks who work to preserve Jamaican indigenous culture and freedom. They have graciously offered a vacation package to the lucky grand prize winner of the Cannabis Culture subscription contest, and are activists as well as hospitality specialists. You’ll find an herb-friendly smile on peoples’ faces, and an understanding of the special needs of people who seek herbalization vacations.

Another quality Jamaica experience is available at SeaSpray Villas in Little Bay, which is about one and a half hours by car from Montego Bay airport.

SeaSpray is a two-bedroom villa located in a small fishing village that Bob Marley used to live in. You’ll enjoy delicious, all-natural gourmet meals, hundreds of yards of scenic, swim-safe tropical beach, snorkeling, rafting and biking. You can relax with your favorite plants on hammocks, sky chairs, and in a natural therapeutic mineral spring. And if you want to explore the sweet rural beauty that makes Jamaica an island Eden, SeaSpray management and resident caretaker Dalton will gladly assist.

If you’re looking for privacy, security, style, herbs, and fantastic Jamaican vacations, look no further. These two wonderful resorts are the places you want to be. Get up, stand up, and book your place in the sun today.

Information: www.ganja.com and www.seasprayvillas.com