Two marijuana activists killed in Michigan

Gideon Israel(left), Tom Crosslin(right) at a `Roach Roast precookout`Gideon Israel(left), Tom Crosslin(right) at a `Roach Roast precookout`Two prominent Michigan marijuana activists were shot dead Labor Day weekend, during a police siege of the activists’ “Rainbow Farm” compound in Vandalia, Michigan.
Tom Crosslin, a 47-year-old events promoter who hosted pro-marijuana concerts and rallies on his rural Southern Michigan land, was shot dead by federal and state police on Monday. Rolland Rohm, 28, was shot Tuesday morning. Agencies involved in the fatal siege include the Cass County Sheriff’s Department, Michigan State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Crosslin, Rohm and their allies have been sponsoring counterculture events, including two High Times “WHEE” festivals, for several years. Entertainers like Merle Haggard and The Birds graced the stage at Rainbow Farms happenings, which were also known for their freewheeling recreational activities, such as the famous “nude hippie mountain mud slide.”

Police and other anti-drug minions had spent years trying to shut down Rainbow Farms using techniques similar to those used against Oregon pot events promoter Bill Conde, New York events organizer Rob Uncle Sam, and Washington landowner-activist Gideon Israel. Crosslin had bitterly complained about police roadblocks, undercover officers, and other harassment, which he believed were being used to keep people away from his popular counterculture resort.

In May, police stormed Crosslin’s 34-acre property and arrested him in connection with alleged marijuana use and cultivation, as well as possession of firearms. Crosslin and his attorneys insisted that the arrests were a politically motivated attempt to shut down pro-marijuana activities that were generally peaceful and posed no threat to the community.

Authorities responded by investigating Crosslin’s accounting records and by court-ordering him to abstain from holding any more marijuana-related events on his land. They also initiated asset forfeiture proceedings, which Crosslin described to friends as “the government trying to steal my property because they don’t like my political views.”

Crosslin was out on $150,000 bond, facing 15 years in prison and the loss of his property when he allegedly defied the court order and held a pot event at Rainbow Farms in August.

Just before Labor Day weekend, officials told Crosslin his bond was going to be revoked. Crosslin responded by setting fire to many of the buildings on his property, and by allegedly shooting at media aircraft and police aircraft that flew over his home as the situation became an armed siege.

Gideon Israel(left), Tom Crosslin(right) at a `Roach Roast precookout`As Labor Day weekend commenced, squadrons of FBI agents and foot soldiers surrounded the farm. Although police reports about Crosslin’s death were not delivered in a timely manner and contain puzzling omissions, current reports indicate that an FBI agent killed Crosslin Monday afternoon when Crosslin and another activist discovered the agent on Rainbow Farms property. Police allege that Crosslin pointed a gun at the agent before he was shot.

The siege continued because Rohm and other Crosslin associates refused to surrender. Police say Rohm was shot early Tuesday because he too pointed a gun at an officer. Friends of Crosslin and Rohm who were camped near the Farm in a support encampment disputed police reports, saying that the dead pair were legally walking on their own property when they were shot in cold blood by police.

Crosslin was widely respected in the North American marijuana movement and even among his conservative non-pot smoking neighbors in Southern Michigan. He had a 20 year history of civil rights activism. He bought and restored a historic brick house built in 1807 that had been used by anti-slavery “Underground Railroad” activists during the 1800’s, intending to use the house as an educational “bed and breakfast.” He donated thousands of dollars to local charities, and worked hard to keep hard drugs, sexual harassment, and violence out of his popular events, which sometimes drew as many as 20,000 visitors.

Cannabis movement videographer and potographer Chadman, whose digital photos and movies have been widely distributed in cannabis media and mainstream media, told Cannabis Culture that he had been to a dozen events at Rainbow Farm in the last two years.

“Tom was a dedicated, caring guy,” Chadman reported. “He wasn’t a militia guy or a gun nut, but he did believe in the Constitution and in freedom, and he felt that if other people have a right to put on events where thousands of people get drunk, shoot guns, tie cattle in ropes and otherwise act crazy, that he had a right to provide a campground and entertainment for our non-violent marijuana culture. He hated the marijuana laws, and felt that people being busted for pot and the harassment of his events was a sign that America has become a police state.”

According to Chadman, Crosslin’s resolve hardened after his arrest in May.

“He felt that the government was trying to destroy his beliefs and his marijuana family,” Chadman explained. “He told people that he was beginning to think that he had to take this all the way, that he couldn’t go on allowing the government to attack him and his friends relentlessly without good cause, that he had to ‘go out in a blaze.’ He felt that the government was trying to kill him. I don’t advocate the use of weapons or violence as a way of legalizing marijuana, but Tom was pushed to this. He wasn’t a violent man or a wacko. I’m very sorry that he’s gone and that the other guy has been killed as well. Tom was a serious advocate for marijuana. I had great times at his events. They were well-organized and real fun. It’s so sad. I guess Tom just couldn’t take it any more. He decided to go out fighting. He’s another casualty of this stupid drug war.”Gideon Israel(left), Tom Crosslin(right) at a `Roach Roast precookout`

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  17. Anonymous on

    Laws do not persuade just because they threaten. — Seneca, A.D. 65
    Schaeffer: A Neuropsychological Evaluation; A Case History
    “…I.Q.’s of Zion Coptics increased after they began to use ganga”
    BOSTON, Jan. 30, 1997 (UPI) –

    The U.S. federal government has failed to make public its own 1994 study that undercuts its position that marijuana is carcinogenic – a $2 million study by the National Toxicology Program. The program’s deputy director, John Bucher, says the study “found absolutely no evidence of cancer.” In fact, animals that received THC had fewer cancers. Bucher denies his agency had been pressured to shelve the report, saying the delay in making it public was due to a personnel shortage.

    The Boston Globe reported Thursday (1-30-97) that the study indicates not only that the main ingredient in marijuana, THC, does not cause cancer, but also that it may even protect against malignancies, laboratory tests on animals show.

    The report comes on the heels of an editorial in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine that favors the controlled medical use of marijuana, and calls current federal policy “misguided, heavy-handed and inhumane.”

    The Clinton administration has said that doctors prescribing marijuana could be prosecuted for a federal crime.

    Marijuana has been reported to ease the pain, nausea and vomiting in advanced stages of cancer, AIDS and other serious illnesses, but the federal government claims other treatments have been deemed safer than what it calls “a psychoactive, burning carcinogen.”

    However, The Boston Globe says the government’s claim appears to be undercut by its own $2 million study.
    Unjust Laws Create Both Criminals and Victims
    Matthew Webster
    “It will be found an unjust and unwise jealousy to deprive a man of his natural liberty upon the supposition he may abuse it.”
    George Washington
    The Economist March 28th 1992:
    “Medicines often produce side effects. Sometimes they are physically unpleasant. Cannabis too has discomforting side effects, but these are not physical they are political”
    President Abraham Lincoln (December 1840):
    “Prohibition… goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control mans’ appetite through legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not even crimes… A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our Government was founded”

  18. Anonymous on

    marijuana users are subjected to a world wide spread of cultural racism its not that we are different races its the fact that potheads have now turned into a national scapegoat. marijuana users have been subjected as targets. Marijuana users today are involved in a non Chalant form of slavery in that anything a hard working peaceful indiviual has done to benefit its culture or friends are subjected to being robbed by criminals and police” AND THE POLICE GET AWAY WITH MURDER”. dea targets marijuana users money and hard work there cars houses and land for funding to build more prisoners or to just feed propaganda tactics to keep there market appealing.NOT ONLY DO THEY DO THAT BUT Many Innocent people have died trying to use marijuana to feel better. YOU WANT TO BE A HERO AND YOU WANT TO KILL SOMEONE THEN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING SHOOTING AMERICANS, I THOUGHT THIS WAS ABOUT TERROR, QUIT TERRORIZING YOUR NEIGHBORS. WE THE PEOPLE ARE JUST AS EQUAL AND HAVE THE RIGHT TO THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. IF YOU WANT TO BE A HERO GET A REAL JOB AND GO FIND BIN LADEN, OH WAIT I FORGOT US POTHEADS ARE FUNDING YOUR UNREALISTIC LIFESTYLE OF OPPRESSION NOT THE TERRORISTS, IM SURE YOULL KEEP IT IN YOUR BEST INTERESTS. SINCE REAL CRIMINALS ARE RUNNING FREE AND POTHEADS ARE A BAD INFLUENCE. AMERICANS ARE PEOPLE OF PEACE SO QUITE PROCRASTINATING AND BE A HERO TAKE OUR TAX DOLLARS AND KILL YOURSELVES. quit acting like god politicians because your turning our tax dollars against us and hiring violent people to steal possesions, if your worried about pot making people lazy crazy or dumb look at the reality of it, do you really think this plant will just go extinct, do you think criminals will go extinct, probally not so quit wasting your time money and recirculated tax dollars and funds on people in possesion of a plant and TARGET THE CRIMINALS WHO ACTUALLY WANT TO SHOOT BACK

  19. OneAmericanEarthling on

    It’s time for zero-tolerance on the Drug War.
    If your Dad, Teacher, Congressman, Boss, Pastor… whoever… supports the Drug War… it’s time to shame them and ruin them. Because Ruination has been what they’ve been doing to others, for far too long, with their stupid, violent opinions… that the War on Drugs is somehow justified.

    Every Congressman guilty of furthering the War on Drugs should be sent to prison for what they’ve done. May the ones who don’t go to prison get cancer.

    I have no more patience left in my life for predators. They need to be confronted.

    And one type of predator is… the Know-Nothing Americans who stupidly favor the War on Drugs.