Jury backs right to sell

Calgary med-pot user and activist Grant Krieger was exonerated by a jury on June 20, when they agreed that he was justified in selling pot to chronically ill people.
Krieger, 46, who has multiple sclerosis, had been charged with one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking. He admitted growing 29 pot plants in his home in August 1999, saying that the crop was for distribution through his Universal Compassion Club.

Krieger’s lawyer, Adriano Iovinelli, argued that Krieger was acting out of “necessity” in providing cannabis to those with severe medical need. The jury agreed, declaring Krieger to be not guilty despite his clear violation of the law.

Krieger told the media that he now intends to create a public, non-profit organization to distribute and study cannabis as medicine. The “Grant W Krieger Cannabis Research Foundation” will form a database listing various symptoms and which type of pot can be used to alleviate them.

Krieger says he already sends medical buds to over 100 people across Canada.