Pee for sale

In South Carolina, Kenneth Curtis founded a business called Privacy Protection Services in 1996, through which he sells his own urine for use as a substitute during urine tests. After Curtis received local media attention, the South Carolina legislature passed a law in 1999 targeting Curtis’ business, making buying or selling urine into a felony offense. Curtis challenged the law with a lawsuit against the state, and also gave out free packages of his urine outside the local police station.
Curtis’ lawsuit went to South Carolina’s Supreme Court, which has heard arguments but has yet to make a decision. Nevertheless, Curtis was arrested and charged in April 2001 with both a misdemeanor and a felony count of selling urine. Curtis now faces a maximum sentence of over eight years in jail and a $60,000 fine.

In an interview with Cannabis Culture, Curtis explained that State Senator David Thomas, who sponsored the urine-selling ban, personally called local law enforcement and told them to arrest him. “They did a SWAT style raid on my home,” said Curtis, “15 police agents with guns drawn tore apart my house.”

Curtis continues to sell his pee over the Internet, but not to those in his home state, due to the legal charges against him. “If you can’t sell urine, what can you sell?” he asks.

? Privacy Protection Services: tel 877-949-7277; email [email protected]; website