Pot-TV takes summer hiatus

The Pot-TV Internetwork suffered a three week hiatus during June, as producer Marc Emery announced that the Internet-based broadcasting system would be permanently shutting down, then changed his mind and brought the system back, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale.
In a public statement made June 5, Emery claimed that Pot-TV was just too expensive for him to continue, explaining that it cost over $500,000 during its 17 month run, with virtually no revenue generated.

The shut-down was met with a chorus of complaints and disappointed emails from devoted Pot-TV watchers, pleading for the return of their favourite shows.

On the first episode of the 4:20 Marijuana News broadcast after the hiatus, Emery explained how and why Pot-TV was back.

“We got over our financial hump,” said Emery, “and although we’ll have some difficulties paying off the BC Marijuana Party election debts and a variety of other costs we’ve run up, not to mention the streaming companies which are proud to carry Pot-TV, it looks like nevertheless we’ll be up and permanently running once again. But you never know how these things go. It’s not just a whim, but financial reality.”

The now streamlined Pot-TV is working with a bare-bones staff and some volunteer help. “We are looking at finding more sponsors for shows,” said Pot-TV webmaster Karlis, “and possibly offering paid subscriptions for some sort of enhanced access.”

Pot-TV continues to provide the daily 4:20 Marijuana News, as well as over a dozen other regular shows covering every aspect of cannabis imaginable. Over 200 hours of archived shows are available for free viewing via Realplayer and other formats.


? Pot-TV: tel 604-682-0039; email [email protected]; website www.pot-tv.net