Heat control

I’m growing in a seven by thirteen foot room on a four by six foot table with two 600 watt HPS lamps. The problem is that the temperature rises to more than 90?F (32?C). I would like to supplement the room with CO2. How can I control the heat?
Mad Scientist,
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

There are several things you can do to control the heat. First, install air-cooled light reflectors. These reflectors use a fan to draw air through a tube to the reflector. The air can be drawn from outside the room. Since it has no odor, it can safely be exhausted out a window or even into other areas of the house to be used for heating. The air-cooled reflectors will solve most of your heat problems before they ever start.

If the room is still too warm, install a window air conditioner. For appearances sake, this can only be run on warm days. It would be unusual for a window air conditioner to be running in the fall or winter. A portable air conditioner, which removes heat through a tube, may be a more discreet solution. The hot air can be used to heat the house or vented out. During cold weather, there are no insects around so outside air can be vented in to cool the room.

The CO2 tank with a CO2 meter/regulator is the best way to go. Set it for 1000 PPM and the regulator maintains the level. CO2 is not needed during the dark cycle so the system should be on a timer.

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