Light track

I have a 1000 watt HPS lamp lighting a four foot by eight foot growing space. I am thinking of getting a light track that moves the light back and forth across the room to better distribute the light to my plants. Do you think this is a good idea?
Los Angeles, California

A light track will move the light back and forth across the garden, which will even out the light distribution as you suggested. This will result in more even growth among the plants, instead of the plants closest to the stationary light being the most vigorous. However, this is not a substitute for more light. It just redistributes the available light.

In your garden you are using a single 1000 watt lamp for 32 square feet. That comes to about 32 watts per square foot. You could get similar yield but higher quality buds without using a light mover: instead, concentrate the light on a 4 foot square garden. The plants will grow denser, more potent buds with less effort on your part.

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