I am growing 15 plants from seed. I plan to keep the plants in vegetative growth for two months before flowering them. I would like to regenerate the two or three plants with the best buds and use them as clone mother plants, but I have not been able to find a clear explanation of regeneration. How is it done? Is this a good plan?
El Toro,
Seattle Washington

Your plan to growing out 15 plants to find the best ones is a good idea. Only after the plants have been harvested and their buds evaluated, can you determine which plants you want to keep.

There are two ways of preserving your favorite varieties. You mentioned one, regeneration, and the other is cloning. Most people find cloning to be more convenient, but both methods are reliable.

To regenerate a plant, some vegetation should be left on it when the buds are harvested. Leave lower buds or pieces of upper buds. The light is turned from the flowering cycle of 12 hours off, 12 hours on, to continuous light. Within a few weeks new growth will emerge from the areas with the remaining vegetation.

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