Tarzan uncaged

Reverend Michael EthierReverend Michael EthierOntario Church of the Universe Reverend Mike (Tarzan) Ethier, was released on bail on March 19. He served nine months for sending sacrament to fellow Reverends Walter Tucker and Michael Baldasaro, in an investigation spearheaded by Canadian Minister of Health Allan Rock. Rock was out for blood after the two reverends sent cannabis samples to his ministry in an attempt to win a med-pot growing contract last year.
“Imagine, not being able to see stars for 9 months,” wrote Reverend Ethier in a letter to Cannabis Culture. “That’s right! I went to jail and I was caught with a little less than one pound of sacred herb. I do not think I should have spent any time in jail for what I did. Actually, I should be getting a medal for standing up to oppression.”

Ethier: out of jail after nine monthsEthier: out of jail after nine monthsReverend Ethier will continue to stand against the injustices of a society that would send a minister to jail for giving sacrament to his congregation.

“I am sending a notice of Motion to the Ontario Court of Appeal,” wrote Ethier. “I will appear in Court of Appeal in Toronto on April 25, 2001 to get a bail variation? I am not allowed to associate or communicate with persons who have a criminal record. God, 95% of my congregation have records. I can’t help any of this.”Ethier: out of jail after nine months

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