I recently saw a Phototron advertisement and was wondering if you could tell me if this would be suitable for marijuana growing? The most powerful model emits 18,900 lumens. Do you think this would be a good investment?
Palatine, Illinois

The Phototron is a novelty machine which produces minute quantities of bud. It has a growing space of only a few cubic feet and provides only a small fraction of the light produced by a 1000 watt lamp, and light is the energy which powers photosynthesis. So the more light the plants receive in the spectrums they use, the bigger they will grow. To put it simply, light equals growth.

The Phototron stands slightly less than a meter high. It is a flat-paneled cylinder with an inside diameter a little less than 50 centimeters. Inside, a number of fluorescent tubes illuminate the area up close, so all the light stays in the garden close up to the plants. For this reason plants in the garden are well lit. The problem is the size of the garden. It is only a few cubic feet and can hold a limited amount of vegetation which results in a low total yield. The size limitation may also cause heat buildup problems. Most stories of people using the device have not been happy ones. However, I have received two letters from satisfied customers over the many years this device has been around.

For the same price you can buy a 1000 watt lamp (which produces about 130,000 lumens) and accessories to set up a real garden of about 1.5 square meters that would produce a couple of kilos a year.

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