Smokey forest

I am growing some plants in the forest. Unfortunately, they have been growing under a thick blanket of smoke from fires since the beginning of the flower period.
Will the smoke reduce harvest?

Tyrone Shoelaces,

Yes. The smoke reduces the amount of light the plants receive. Since green plants use light to energize photosynthesis, this reduction in light from the amount they normally receive will reduce the growth rate.

In addition, the contents of the smoke may affect plant growth. Solid particulates from the smoke will form a layer of oils on the leaf surfaces, embedding them with toxins and ash. This layer clogs the leaf stomatas and absorbs light before it gets to the leaf.

In addition, the smoke contains toxins, both as particulates and as the gasses themselves. Although the gas contains high amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), which would ordinarily be useful to the plant, it also contains volatile unburned hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide, all of which are harmful to the growing plant.

Expect very reduced yield. By the way, why would you want to smoke these buds embedded with poisons? I think this “Poison Bud” isn’t worth the health risks.

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