Studies in California

California’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research has announced the first four medical marijuana studies which it will undertake this year, beginning in May. Founded by the State of California in August 2000, the center has been allocated $3 million for research into medical aspects of cannabis use.
The first two studies will test if smoking marijuana can alleviate neuropathy, a condition which afflicts AIDS, diabetes and other patients with severe tingling and pain in their hands and feet.

The third study will use a driving simulator to investigate how treatment with cannabis affects driving ability of patients with neuropathy or multiple sclerosis. The final study proposed for this year will examine how smoked cannabis can ease muscle spasms and pain in patients with multiple sclerosis.

The research proposals must still get a permission by the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Drug Enforcement Agency. If approved by all these agencies, then bud would be provided from the federal stash grown at the University of Mississippi.