Pot-TV lives!

Pot-TV’s funding was cut by over 90% yesterday. All paid staff were fired.
The Pot-TV website is courtesy of www.cannabisculture.com, and will stay up. The forums will remain, and the Pot-TV archives will continue to have the best cannabis video and audio on the net. We will not be streaming or downloading (which still costs us bandwidth) files from the Pot-TV servers until we have a new server contract. We will not be paying for production of new shows in the near future. Off-site (non-Pot-TV) archives will remain. You will also be able to view the Pot-TV archives from the BC Marijuana Party Bookshop.

Pot-TV content production is now on a volunteer basis. The studio will be available to Pot-TV staff and volunteers they train and approve. We need people to host our shows and distribute our archives; if you can host even a single a show on your website server, send us the link where our viewers can see it. If you want to produce a show for Pot-TV, we’ll help make it available on the website, but you can find your own funds and sponsors. We will be adding a volunteer support list of people to help you get your show on Pot-TV. If you’re dying to get your show on Pot-TV, you will be seen and heard. If you think Pot-TV is an essential part of the cannabis community, now’s the time to do your part.

To pay for our server costs, Pot-TV will be taking PayPal donations. Banner ads are available for $100/month ( www.pot-tv.net/sponsor.html ). Subscriptions of some type will be available soon.

For those interested in details: our studio costs were $12,000/month CDN, our server costs were $4,500/month CDN, and Pot-TV has cost over $500,000 CDN to date. Our server holds about 30GB of data, and transfers over 500GB of data every month on a 10/100 backbone connection. We pay about $7/GB to transfer data.

Thanks for enjoying Pot-TV. Big thanks to Marc Emery www.emeryseeds.com for creating and supporting Pot-TV, Cannabis Culture for maintaining the website, and Chris, Matt, Geo, Mike, Ian, Dondi, Lisa, Josh, Dick, Jay, Paul and the others (even Lance) for their amazing contributions, and all the show hosts for their shows, may they continue to contribute in the future.

The Pot-TV hosted archives will no longer be available after midnight tonight.