Undercover in high schools

A 24-year-old cop spent four months posing as a high school student in Atlanta, and on March 5 arrested 27 people, 13 of them students, for drug possession and sale.
Police rented a house and had other officers pose as his parents. They did not inform the school principal of their operation. Although there was no reason to think that Harrison High had more drug use than other schools, the overzealous school safety officer claimed to have several suspects.

“He was trying to buy drugs from everyone,” a student told the Atlanta Journal.?”He would come up and ask where he could get it.” Parents were shocked and many complained to the school board and police.

Such undercover operations targeting students are not uncommon in the US. Between 1998-99, officer Cherokee Miranda spent 18 months in three different California high schools, posing as “a troubled, 17-year-old high school student searching for a good time.” The attractive officer told media she just sat in class and said “I want to get high.” Her work resulted in over 100 arrests for possession and sale, almost all for amounts under $100.

“The kids all tell me she was blowing coke and getting high with them, that she was buying booze and was drinking with them, that she had sex with a couple of them,” said Angelo Vitale, a former DA who has been hired to defend several students at one school.?”These are allegations consistent with the other cases she was involved in.”