18/6 blues

My Jack Flash plants were doing very well under a 24 hour lighting regime. Then someone told me that 24 hours was too much, and that I should use an 18 on, 6 off regimen, which I did. A week after, most of the plants were showing sex and had slowed their growth. I don’t want to sex them now. I want them to stay on the vegetative stage, so they can grow more.
If I stay on 18 on, 6 off, will the plants go back to vegetative stage? If not, how can I get them back to vegetative stage?


The plants reacted to the sudden change in lighting regimen by ambiguously turning to reproductive growth. They will probably remain in this state for a few weeks and then go back to vegetative growth. To speed them back to vegetative growth, keep the lights on continuously.

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