Australian pot celebration draws 12,000

photo from last years Mardi Grassphoto from last years Mardi GrassThe annual Nimbin, Australia Mardi Grass rocked the Southern Hemisphere the first weekend of May.
Parades, poets, music, marijuana-related sporting events, all-night parties, and a high-flying cannabis competition featuring dozens of tasty Awesome Aussie varieties heralded this year’s event, which was attended by 12,000 visitors, many of whom traveled around the world to attend the celebration.

Nimbin is located in stunning mountain, river, and beach country on Australia’s eastern coast. The town’s counterculture roots go back to the early 1970’s, when earth advocates and the pot culture united to stand down government and private corruption.

For nearly a year, despite token efforts at drug interdiction by local constables, the town has functioned as a legalized marijuana zone that supplies much high quality herb to Australians.

Nimbin’s Mardi Grass is now the one of the world’s premier pot events, with zero police enforcement leading to an Amsterdam-style ambiance that facilitates peaceful exploration of the region’s classy mix of outdoor Sativas and indoor specialty indicas, most of which are grown from Marc Emery seeds.

The village is ripe with history, good food, friendly people, beautiful weather, and heaps of recreational opportunities within a few miles of the hamlet. Cannabis Culture magazine was honored to be part of sponsorship for the weekend. Four Cannabis Culture activists, including grow guru and seed expert “Marijuana Man,” Donna, and pot photographer Barge were on hand to lend an international flavor to festivities.

Barge conducted an icewater hash manufacturing clinic and the renowned Nimbin Oasis cafe, distributing supert-pure resin glands to dozens of cannaconnoiseurs.

This year’s Mardi Grass featured plenty of art, politics, colorful personalities, and stunning marijuana. Event organizers and local cannabusiness representatives predicted smooth sailing for next year’s event, but on Monday, May 14, several Nimbin marijuana cafes were raided by a massive contingent of constables from outside of the village.

“They came in at about noon with 35 officers,” reported Andrew Kavasilas, owner and manager of the Nimbin Oasis Cafe. “Even though we have been operating as a coffee shop for many months, with their knowledge, they executed a search warrant, terrorized customers, seized cash, marijuana and hashish, and arrested several people.”

Kavasilas reports that another prominent cafe, the Rainbow, was also raided.

“There were many indiscretions committed by police during this raid,” Kavasilas reported, “and it has united the cannabis community as never before. We intend to make our case vigorously in the press and in court. We’ll be holding a mini-Mardi Grass at the court hearings, and will not accept the drug war in our peaceful village.”

A major article about this year’s Mardi Grass and the Nimbin raids will appear in an upcoming issue of Cannabis Culture from last years Mardi Grass

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Last Years Mardi Grass: CC27, The rolling hills of Nimbin