Dutch Office of Medical Cannabis

The Dutch government has established an Office of Medicinal Cannabis within the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, to study the medical benefits of pot, and provide it to those in need. The new agency plans to recruit growers to provide cannabis for clinical studies.
Minister Els Borst-Eilers has stated that if the clinical studies provide positive results, a supply of licensed cannabis products would be made available to patients, researchers, and pharmacists.

“The Office will act as a regulator for the horticulture of cannabis, cannabis resin and their preparations,” said Borst-Eilers, “and for clinical trials with these substances.”

The Dutch proposal has been approved by the INCB, and the effort will be assisted by a team of neurologists, pharmacologists, agriculture specialists, legal experts, public policy officials, and groups representing Multiple Sclerosis and HIV patients.

Cannabis Culture recently interviewed the directors of the program, whose offices are located in the Hague. An in-depth article about Dutch medical pot policy will be in our next issue.