US vs Constitution

The American government is pressuring Caribbean countries to enact money-laundering laws which would be unconstitutional in the US. State Department officials defended the policy, which demands that nations such as Aruba, St Vincent, Dominica, and St Kitts-Nevis reverse the burden of proof so that anyone accused of money laundering must prove that their assets were legally gained.
Henry Baarh, director of the Aruba Department of Foreign Affairs, said he has personally been subject to pressure from US officials. “We’re all aware that the United States is so extremely powerful that if we don’t cooperate we might get screwed somewhere else,” Baarh said.

“One has to recognize that if countries’ laws are not up to dealing with the kind of crime that they are dealing with today, they have to change them,” a State Department official told the Boston Globe. “In situations such as these, we don’t have a problem saying, ‘Well, change your constitution.'”