Drug War Rememberance Vigil

Vigil to remember Peter McWilliams and all who have died and are victims of the War on Drugs and stand for Peace and Freedom.
Please bring pictures of loved ones who have fallen and candles. Green ribbons will be provided. Drums and Music welcome.

Peter McWilliams was using medical marijuana in order to prevent him from vomiting on a regular basis. This was effective in helping him to keep down the cocktail of AIDS pharmaceutical drugs that he had to take on a daily basis, in order to stay alive. Peter was denied his legal right to use marijuana as a medicine and he was urine tested on a regular basis. Peter was found dead in his home last year after choking on his own vomit! This was something that could have been prevented had he been allowed to use marijuana.

Tuesday, April 3rd 4:20 p.m.
Grandview Park on Commercial Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

For more Information: Contact
John (flash) Gordon (604) 875-9037
Your Candidate for Vancouver Kensington
[email protected]

B.C. Marijuana Party (604) 684-7076