Will Foster still in jail

Sentenced to 93 years for growing 70 medicinal plants in a bomb shelter beneath his Oklahoma home in 1997, Will Foster has been fighting for his freedom ever since. Practically everyone wants to see Foster released, including the state appeals court, which ordered the sentence reduced to 20 years, making him eligible for parole. Also on his side is the pardon and parole board, who have unanimously voted to release him three times. Two prison supervisors have also spoken on his behalf, urging the state’s governor to sign the order for Foster’s release. Yet Governor Keating has refused to sign the order twice, and is now considering whether to refrain from signing it a third time.
“Most important is that I have never committed a crime against any person or thing in my entire adult or childhood life,” Foster wrote in a letter to Governor Keating.? “The only victim in the crime that I am serving time for is my family.? They have to live every day without the guidance, support and income that I have always provided.”

Foster’s continued imprisonment has produced much grumbling from both the public and the press. Rallies have been held in the state capitol for his release, and he has been featured in numerous media reports, including ABC’s Frontline and Reason magazine. A continued media presence, along with letters of support written by the public to Governor Keating, could make a difference in his case.


? Write a letter to Governor Keating: Governor Frank Keating, State Capitol Building, Room 212 Oklahoma City, OK 73105
? Send donations to: William Foster, DOC#252721 – JBCC B-2-E, PO Box 1999, McAlester, Oklahoma 74052