Pot testing

Charles and Leanne Scott have been fighting a warrantless search of their property which ended with them losing their Saskatchewan farm, livelihood and nearly their unborn child (CC#29, Busted Updates). The latest twist in the case came when police filed charges against Lianne. She was in court on November 6.
“I represented Lianne myself,” said Charles. “And she was acquitted of the charges. The police had taken samples from the farm house, from the grounds, and from our house in the city, and lumped them all together and sent them off for analysis. There was no way to show which part of the sample tested positive.”

The Scotts have faced unending police harassment since they were busted, and have yet to hear from the RCMP complaints committee regarding their case.

“They are probably waiting for the outcome of our cases,” complained Charles.
Charles Scott says he will plead guilty to marijuana charges when his case reaches court “to give the wolves something to feed on.”

“Everyone I know that has won against the RCMP in this area is up on charges again within 6 months to a year. I don’t need the hassle.”

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