BC Marijuana Party opens headquarters

On March 9, the BC Marijuana Party Bookshop informally opened its doors at 307 West Hastings St, Vancouver (between Homer and Cambie).
“The once great Hemp BC Superstore location will now serve as the BC Marijuana Party Bookshop, Headquarters and Media Centre,” said Party President Marc Emery.

The store will officially open March 24, when BC Marijuana Party Leader Brian Taylor will be on hand to inaugurate the party’s new locale.

“I am excited about our new headquarters,” said Taylor. “This location will serve as a unifying centre for BC cannabis culture, as well as raising revenue for the party.”

The new store will sell marijuana related books, bongs, rolling papers, vaporizers, Personal Grow Units, plus Marijuana Party shirts, stickers, buttons, ashtrays, roach clips, and more.

The location will also become home to the Pot-TV InterNetwork studios, with the daily 4:20 Marijuana News and other features being filmed and produced in the back of the facility.

One thing the store won’t be carrying is seeds. “It was the open seed sales which spurred police raids against Hemp BC,” said Emery. “I will be sticking to my mail-order only seed business.”

On March 24, the official opening day of the store, all of the BC Marijuana Party candidates will be gathering for a party meeting and media conference.

The BC Marijuana Party has confirmed 33 candidates for the coming provincial election, with more candidates being recruited every day.


* BC Marijuana Party Bookshop – 604-682-1172

* BC Marijuana Party Information & Executive – 604-684-7076; website www.bcmarijuanaparty.ca; email [email protected]