Hempology 101 survives

On November 15, in Victoria, BC, activist Ted Smith was arrested and charged for trying to distribute cannabis cookies at an annual Medical Marijuana Day event. Smith had prepared 420 cookies, intending to hand them out for free.
In court, the prosecution argued that Smith should be held until trial, as he was likely to re-offend, and because some of the pot-cookies could have ended up in the hands of children. Smith explained that he wasn’t remanded to jail because the judge recognized his record in the community. “I’ve done a lot of volunteer work with street youth and non-profit organizations,” commented Smith. “I have an established record as an outstanding citizen in Victoria.”

Smith wonders where some of the cookies went, as police listed only 38 cookies as being seized. “I think 37 cookies were eaten as unofficial evidence,” he conjectured.

Smith had been charged a few weeks earlier for trafficking, because during a weekly meeting of “Hempology 101” at the University of Victoria campus, Smith had passed joints out to the crowd. One was pocketed by an undercover officer, and Smith was later arrested in the parking lot. Although he’s now banned from the campus, Hempology 101’s weekly 4:20 meetings continue. “They put a cel phone up to the microphone so I can still speak to the crowd,” chuckles Smith.

Smith is also founder of a medical cannabis buyers’ club, which has over 300 members. The club is celebrating their 5-year anniversary by expanding into a second location.

? Ted Smith: (250) 381-3262; website www.hempology.yi.org