Beaten for khat

On April 27, 1999, four Toronto police officers raided a home looking for khat, a stimulating herb popular in Somalia, arbitrarily banned in Canada in 1996. Abdulkadir Mohamoud was in that home, visiting his brother and friends, when police smashed down the door and terrorized the residents. Mohamoud’s elbow was broken and he was knocked unconscious by police after being hog-tied with telephone cord and kicked twice in the head.
Mohamoud claims that an officer said to him: “Fucking Somalians, why don’t you do something with your lives?” before stepping on his handcuffed arm and breaking it.

Officers claimed that Mohamoud tried to escape, but witnesses claim he did not resist the police. No-one was charged except Mohamoud, who was initially charged with resisting arrest and possession of khat, but all charges were dropped. An internal police investigation determined in September 2000 that there was insufficient evidence to charge police with any wrongdoing. Mohamoud has appealed that decision to the Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services.

The four officers involved are among eight former Toronto cops also charged for theft, fraud and breach of trust in an alleged money-skimming scheme.