Indoor closet ventilation

I live in a small apartment and would like to start a closet garden; however, I don’t know what to do for ventilation. It’s an inside closet away from the windows. Do you have a suggestion?
New York City

There are several things that you can do to ventilate that closet. The first is to eliminate some of the heat by using an air-cooled light. Small diameter ducting contains the heat generated by the light and removes it from the room. During cool months this odor-free heated air can be used to cool your apartment. During warmer months the tube can be inserted into the apartment’s air cooling system if appropriate, or the ducting could be extended to move the hot air out a window.

If the closet is in a room which is de-odorized using ozone or negative ion generators, the door to the closet could be kept open except when guests are around.

Another way to cool the space is to use a portable air conditioner, which will deliver a steady stream of cool air to the garden while venting the hot air to a window.

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