Negative ion generators

Do negative ion generators help plant growth? How?
One of the Good Guys,
Memphis, Tennessee

Negative ions are oxygen molecules which have been loaded with an extra electron. They float in the air and when they encounter a positively charged molecule (which is missing an electron) the electron jumps, neutralizing both molecules. Positively charged particles include dust, bacteria, fungal spores and odor molecules. Eliminating these air-borne particles and causing them to precipitate is helpful to the growing environment. According to studies performed during the 1970s, both animals and plants performed better in a negative ion rich environment.

Negative ion generators use a miniscule amount of electricity to charge the air. They are harmless to use and eliminate odors which are not too intense. They should not be used in the grow room during the last two weeks because they will reduce the taste and fragrance of the buds. Instead, they should be placed outside the grow area so that any odor which escapes is eliminated.

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