Haircuts or mothers?

I am using the Sea of Green method. Can I take the next batch of clones off these before going to a 12-hour cycle or should I set some aside to act as mothers? I am worried that if I take clones from my clones, they will not develop properly. I would prefer not to use separate mother plants if possible.
Sun Dog, Internet

You can use either mothers or cuts from the current crop to make clones. Each has its advantages. With cuttings from the current crop, no separate garden needs to be set up to hold the mothers, so space is conserved. The disadvantage is that clones sometimes must be taken at an inappropriate time.

For instance, if you are growing only one crop at a time, it may take 70 days for a full cycle, but only two or three weeks to make a clone. It’s hard to hold the clone for 90 days without affecting subsequent growth With mother plants, you can take the clones timed to when they are needed. However, if you are growing several crops so there is a harvest every month or even more often, then cuttings from the garden before forcing flowering could be a productive way of propagation.

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