Woody Harrelson backs Renee Boje

On October 15, Woody Harrelson wrote a striking letter to Canadian Minister of Health Anne McLellan, begging her to show clemency toward Renee Boje, who is currently seeking asylum in Canada. US authorities have been seeking to extradite Boje to stand trial on charges that in 1997 she conspired to grow medical cannabis at Todd McCormick’s marijuana research facility in Bel Air, California (see CC#27; Boje visits the justice minister).
“This person, whose life has now become connected to yours, holds a beautiful spirit inside her and is no more a criminal than you or me,”wrote Harrelson in his letter to the minister.

“I ask you to please show compassion for a wonderful young lady? who has never been violent or hurt anyone, who simply believed that what was going on in that house in Bel Air in 1997 was perfectly legal, as California voters had overwhelmingly decided that medical marijuana was acceptable.

“I beg you to give Renee a chance, to let her remain in a country that is genuinely free, and not to allow a bullying, all powerful government, that has lost all connection to its people (and which I am ashamed to call my own) take ten years of her young life away from her.

“I ask you to please show compassion for a wonderful young lady whose greatest ambition ? should you choose to allow her to remain in your country ? is to start a holistic healing retreat.”

Renee has asked that the public also write letters of support to the Canadian Minister of Justice asking that she be allowed to stay in Canada. Because of early Canadian federal elections, there will likely be a new Minister of Justice before a decision is reached in Boje’s case, meaning that continued letters of support will make a difference.

Renee’s Healing Herb Festival, featuring Spearhead, has been delayed until after the release of Spearhead’s new album in late February.


? Renee Boje: tel (604) 740-7894; [email protected]

? Check Renee’s web site for how to write the Canadian Minister of Justice: www.reneeboje.com

? For more information about the healing herb festival: www.healingherbfestival.com

? Check out Renee Boje’s Healing Herb Hour on Pot TV: www.pot-tv.net