Essential hemp oil

Gen-X research in Saskatchewan has produced “essence of hemp,” the extracted essential oil of hemp buds. Sasha Przytyk, the founder of Gen-X, told Cannabis Culture that the product could be used for beer, liqueurs, candies, incense, massage oils, soaps, perfumes, creams, candles and insect repellent.” He jokingly added another pair of uses, “sniffer dog freaker-outer” and “cop attractant.”
Przytyk described his product as being “steam distilled from the blooms of low-THC hemp,” explaining that it takes about 50 pounds of buds to produce one ounce of essential hemp oil. A litre of the oil goes for about $2000US. The oil contains virtually no THC, but Przytyk claims it contains “other active ingredients, including CBD, b-Myrcene, and Caryophyllenes, among others.”

In the online journal Hemp Commerce and Farming Report, Dr Alexander Sumach explains that “limonene, a pleasant smelling citrus-like component in hemp essence, is known to be an effective insect repellent, but it is not a poison. Limonene is also a potent natural fungicide with a mild antiseptic action. It has a very pleasant smell and is very safe.”

? Gen-X Research: tel (306) 525-6519; website

? Hemp Commerce and Farming Report: website