Medical users unfit parents?

Stephen Bacon’s custody battle for his 8-year-old daughter has unfolded to include an assessment by the Ministry of Children and Families (see CC#27: Pot-parents lose their kids). Bacon, a resident of Ontario, says that Ministry officials will be determining whether his legal medical use of marijuana makes him an unfit parent. Bacon is one of about 70 Canadians who have received a medical exemption from the federal Minister of Health.
“They will be asking about my childhood,” explained Bacon, “to determine if I am a proper person to have unsupervised access on marijuana. It is really wild when you get into family court.”

Meanwhile, says Bacon, he still hasn’t seen his child: “My next court appearance is scheduled for December 15 in family court. And I haven’t been in front of a judge since last December. I’ve lost a year with my kid and it’s something that’s not easy to deal with at all.”

Bacon is currently teaching police about medical marijuana, and sees this as a possible benefit in his dealings with the ministry of children and families. “I think that there will be an education process,” conceded Bacon, “but at the cost of my little girl’s relationship with her father.”