Narc harassment for the Scotts

Charles and Lianne Scott, tireless medical and religious cannabis activists, who lost their Saskatchewan farm and livestock in a warrantless marijuana raid (see CC#27, Charges filed against Leanne Scott), now face continual shakedowns and harassments from police, stalling from the RCMP complaints commission, and endless delays in their court cases.
Charles Scott has been trying to obtain notes made by the chief investigating officer during the raid on his home in a process known as “disclosure”, by which the prosecuting attorney must provide all evidence to the defense. According to Scott, the prosecutor claims that no such notes exist, despite repeated reference to them in the transcripts of Scott’s earlier day in court.

During a recent trip to Winnipeg, Scott was attacked by a rabid gang of narcs.

“I went into a deli, and all these cruisers pull up and box me in,” said Scott, still audibly shaken. “The narcs ripped my land rover apart, ripped the panels right out, slashed my three-hundred-dollar coat, dumped my clothes and personal items out onto the street. Their grounds were that I am a known cultivator, and ‘Tis the season’. They found a roach and raked it into the ground with a SWAT boot.”

No charges were laid against Charles Scott as a result of the destruction of his vehicle. Charles’ next court date is November 6. Lianne’s next date is October 30. The RCMP complaints commission still hasn’t ruled on their case.