Brussels sprouts pot tolerence

On January 19, representatives of the Belgium government told Cannabis Culture that Belgium has decided to liberalize its cannabis policies.
The new policies legalize possession and cultivation of cannabis for personal use.

The next issue of Cannabis Culture will contain an exclusive in-depth article about Belgium’s decision, and about other changes in European cannabis regulations.


Cannabis consumption in Belgium exempt from punishment
Submitted by Blair Anderson

BRUSSELS – the consumption and the possession of Cannabis to the personal use are in the future exempt from punishment in Belgium. A maximum quantity for the personal possession was not determined by the government first, said a government spokesman at in Brussels.

The proof right is turned around: In the future the authorities must prove whether the drug quantities exceed the measure of the personal use. The decision was seized with a Minister meeting and is published on Friday during the weekly cabinet meeting.

source: Online Kuzmeldung – Agenturmeldung Kurier: Cannabis-Konsum jetzt auch in Belgien straffrei