US cop corruption

? On October 3, Sheriff Carlton Evans of Coffee County, Georgia, shot himself in the head rather than face arrest by FBI agents for growing and distributing thousands of pot plants. Also charged are his brother, a brother in law, and seven other men, two of them former police officers.
During his election campaign for Sheriff, Evans said he was running on his record of cleaning up drugs. He was described as “the scourge of South Georgia marijuana farmers.”

? On November 1, FBI agents arrested six veteran officers in Jackson, Mississippi, for accepting bribes to provide protection to undercover agents pretending to be cocaine dealers.

Officers Fred Gaddis and Ronald Youngblood were also charged with possession and distribution of cocaine. Gaddis was the head of the Neighborhood Enforcement Team – a special unit assigned to combat street-level drug crimes.

? On November 2, FBI agents arrested four Oakland cops on 59 felony charges, including assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment and falsifying reports. Officers are charged with beating handcuffed victims, planting drugs and weapons on innocent people, and intimidating rookie cops. 23 court cases in which the officers were involved have already been dismissed, most involving drug possession.

? In early October, four more LAPD officers began trial for allegedly planting guns and drugs, faking reports and repeatedly lying to send innocent men to prison.

There are also over 80 civil claims pending against the city of Los Angeles for illegal arrest, imprisonment and police brutality. They are part of an ever widening scandal centered on the LAPD Rampart Division special anti-drug and gang unit. Many more lawsuits are expected.

The scandal will likely cost the city hundreds of millions of dollars in civil lawsuits. In August, a federal judge ruled that the LAPD could be sued using the government’s anti-racketeering statute, created to deal with “organized-crime.” This law extends the statute of limitations and triples damage awards.

? On November 3, the US Commission on Civil Rights issued a report claiming that police misconduct is “incessant” in the US, and complained about racial profiling and increased police brutality nationwide.

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