A letter from the editor

The past two months have been among the busiest and most successful for myself, and many other activists across Canada. From coast to coast we have been busy in creating Canada’s Marijuana Party, and running as candidates in our November 27 elections.
I’m not the only candidate who had a great time running in this federal election. Our 73 candidates nationwide have had amazing success in getting our message into the media and the debate. Although marijuana prohibition was rarely brought up among mainstream parties on a national level, at local all-candidates meetings and in city newspapers the issue was brought forward like never before.

For myself and many others it was exhilirating to speak before crowds and debate this issue. All of our candidates reported positive feedback and strong support for their campaigns. We distributed over 50,000 brochures, and many posters, buttons and t-shirts. The nationwide campaign was backed largely by Marc Emery and Cannabis Culture.

Canada’s Marijuana Party joins a handful of other political pot-parties around the world, and this election is only our first step. We will now be forming constituency associations, giving out tax-deductible receipts for donations, issuing ongoing press releases, and building up our infrastructure to keep the pressure on the political establishment. I greatly doubt that Canada will have liberated marijuana to my satisfaction within the next four years, and so the Marijuana Party will be fielding even more candidates in Canada’s next federal election.

British Columbia will be holding an election in Spring 2001, and we will be there as well, with the BC Marijuana Party running candidates across the province. We will also be working to help establish pot parties in other provinces.

Accompanying this newfound level of nationwide activism has been a media frenzy surrounding Cannabis Culture‘s Pot-TV Broadcasting Internetwork. We’ve received a great deal of media coverage, including a glowing review in the special November 8 election issue of USA Today, which had a circulation of almost 8 million copies. A November 6 article about Pot-TV by Canadian Press was also reprinted in many major newspapers across Canada, bringing us even more attention. This combined coverage caused a ten-fold spike in the hits at both the www.pot-tv.net and www.cannabisculture.com websites.

The quality of Pot-TV has improved steadily since its audio-only debut in March 2000. The many daily video shows now have increased pre-production and technical quality, and continue to explore the boundries of conventional broadcasting.

I was also happy to see that the December issue of Playboy joined the Vancouver Sun, the National Post and others in giving our Pot Puzzle Fun Book a kind review. Sales of the book are doing well, and it is being reprinted in the UK for the European market.

So I am very pleased to report that things are going well for us here at Cannabis Culture. Our only recent harassment was when police in Timmins, Ontario, threatened local store-owners into taking our fine publication off their shelves. But even this became a victory as Marc Emery flew to Timmins and forced the police to back down and even apologize for their actions (see p.22)

Although the following pages do describe some unpleasant events happening to decent pot-people, they also record our courage, faith in our convictions, and triumph in the face of adversity.

Marijuana smokers belong to a worldwide family with an ancient heritage and culture. We are now beginning to rise from our generations of persecution to help heal the world with our sacred plant.

Pot smokers of the world unite!

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture