Pought thots

High praise
You guys are the greatest. Your magazine is the greatest. I like all the grow info and current events articles about the drug war in the third world. I’m also a former winner of your puzzle-page contest and I was blown away! I want to thank you for the many hours of pleasant reading (and hard-hitting journalism) I’ve spent in your company.

Keep up the good work. We’re behind you all the way.

K Bradford

Phake budz

whats up cc, i just read yer article about the fake pot ads in high times, and i swear i was ready to send some money this friday before i read yer shit?

i kinda figured out there was something fishy when i emailed them 3 times askin them how long the effects last with other questions, and they kept ignoring them, but then again i thought HT was a cool company that wouldn’t sponsor bullshit like that.

i had decided to give em a try, until a friend showed me yer article. but there must be some legit company that sells really good “herbs” that has similar effects like real buds, or sells psychedelics or anything.

where i’m from i’m payin 20 bucks a gram, and half the time yer lucky if its a real gram. i like smokin 3 grams a day and needless to say i cant always do that. its a fucking bother spendin most of my money on dope n shrooms when i know there must be some place thats legit.

nOva scOtia

Sadly, there is no other plant or herb that contains THC or has an effect like marijuana, that is what makes marijuana so special.

If you want to smoke some legal herbs that have mildly psychoactive effects, here’s some to consider: mullein, scotch broom, peppermint, marshmallow, damiana, passion flower, skullcap, calamus, elephant’s head, lobelia.

These herbs are found in some of these “fake pot” products, but they are available at a much lower cost in your local health store or herb market.

However, let me be clear that the effects of these herbs are not really similar to cannabis at all. They’re mostly smokable, and they might give you something like a buzz, but you will not get “stoned” like you do from pot. Sorry, but only cannabis contains cannabinoids.

Also these herbs have not been researched as extensively as marijuana, and are possibly not as harmless and non-toxic as pot.
Note that real magic mushroom kits are readily available, advertised in our magazine, and can produce many potent psychoactive mushrooms in a small space.

? Dana

Cannabis community

Your “From the Editor” in the Sept/Oct issue (CC#27) sparked something off in me. I’ve been wanting to do more, and I’ve been lonely for community ? the way you feel when you’re a part of something like a family.

So I wrote a couple of letters, and it felt good. Scary, a little. As long as I don’t wonder about what anybody’s gonna think, writing doesn’t seem that bad.

Reading Cannabis Culture is maybe all the contact I’ll ever have with other cultivators as passionate as I am about growing medicinal and recreational cannabis. It makes me feel a lot, and think a lot, to read about all of the people out there like me.

I dream of Amsterdam-style coffeeshops, and to be able to publicly share the sacrament and honestly share myself with anybody, free from fear. To be able to see my wife free from fear.

My wife does not use cannabis, caffeine or alcohol. Never has. She walks a spiritual path of her own, a little different than mine. Still she loves me and supports me in almost all that I do, and helps out a ton with my Victory Gardens. We talk about everything, even our own fears.

Fear, and how to deal with it, is a subject that comes up with every new crop. More and more often, I am aware that if I just quit growing, we could be free from fear.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a soldier in a holy war – seeds are my weapons. To quit would be unthinkable, cowardly, and morally indefensible. It is a holy calling to grow cannabis, and I can do it better than anything else I do.

Other times, I wonder if that’s not some self-serving justification, and if I’m really full of shit, and a major league slime for endangering my wife’s freedom, peace of mind, and perhaps her life as well.

It’s hard. How do other couples deal with this? It never ends. I’d really like to know. How do you do it, people?

I’ve purposefully distanced myself from people over the years, for security reasons. Nobody ever just drops by to visit. Only a chosen few even know where I live. It gets lonely sometimes, and I stay up late into the night, wondering “Is it all worth it?”

Cannabis Culture, and the news you give to me, the Peter McWilliams and Luretha Littles of the world, it reaffirms my belief in the fact that we are in a Holy War, and for me to quit growing pot would be immoral! Cannabis Culture has helped me to gain a sense of place.

There’s a lot more people out there with more troubles than I have, and they can’t grow anything. So I need to keep growing for them, because I still can.

Anonymous Bud

The little sprout that could

One evening as I was digging through an opaque bag of almost-dry soil and perlite, I discovered a yellow pot sprout with a 2-inch stem, embryonic leaves, and its first two serrated leaves? but no roots. Evidently my stirring of the mixture had cut off the roots.

This amazing little bugger had sprouted and grown this far without air, water or light! I must have accidentally dropped a seed into the bag.

I carefully rinsed the little sprout, and trimmed the end to allow water uptake. I poked a hole in the bottom of a styrofoam cup and cut off all but one inch of the top, then taped the little cup to the inside top edge of a glass dish. A half-cup of 70?F water filled it to just 1/8 inch below the bottom of the styro’s hole. The sprout was inserted thru the hole with half the stem above water to prevent rot. I added 2 drops of 8-7-6 Miracle-Gro every time I changed the water (twice daily) A small light was installed and i held my breath.

In two days the leaves had spread open and greened up. Two more days and a nub appeared on the stem underwater. Three days later real roots had started to appear (keep in mind that all my prior cloning attempts failed before roots ever started). In two more days there were 10 roots about 1/3 inch long, so my miracle baby was ready to join its siblings under a modest fluorescent system. I foliar fed with Peter’s 20-20-20 with micronutrients and 24 hours later the growth tip had formed.

From soil to water and back to soil? Nature is truly amazing!

Ashley J Piper

Lucky limerick

Here’s a picture of my Dad posing with one of the plants I grew using seeds I won in your limerick contest (CC#19 and #22). We had a great summer with it and look forward to doing it again next year. Thanks for such a great contest!

PS. My Dad is 6’1″ tall.

Lynne, BC

There was a young lady named Lynne,
Who sent her fine limericks in,
She won some nice seeds,
They met all her needs,
And now she has great medicine!

? Dana

Pot saved my life

I blazed my first dube at age thirteen. I became a casual toker until an undiagnosed illness struck me at fifteen. Every day was suddenly a challenge. Just getting out of bed was hard. Stomach cramps crippled me all day long, my ribcage throbbed constantly. Anything I ate became impossible to hold down. Food was now my enemy.

I went from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, and was put through many tests. In August 1995 I was 5’5″, 110 lbs, and by July 1996 I was 89 lbs. I thought I was going to die. All the doctors could tell me was that I was healthy, that nothing was wrong with me. I was told that this was all in my head.

That’s when I discovered the miracle of marijuana. At first smoking pot was just for the high. But I realized the benefits pot had on my “imaginary pain”. I noticed that when I smoked a joint my stomach cramps went away and my rib cage stopped aching. My nausea stopped and due to the “munchies” I was able to eat anything and digest without pain. Of course I became a heavy toker.

In 1997 I was diagnosed with Duodenal Crohn’s Disease. Nothing can cure this disease and nothing really controls it? at least none of the medications that have been prescribed to me. So I stick with my own way of controlling the pain and nausea. Because of pot I am back at 120 lbs.

At one time I was so weak and depressed, and marijuana changed all that. I truly believe that pot saved my life.

Yours truly,
Port Coquitlam, BC