Steve Kubby trial reaches verdict

The Kubby FamilyThe Kubby FamilyCancer patient, Libertarian politician, author and medpot activist Steve Kubby was found guilty of two felonies by a California jury on December 22.
Kubby and his wife Michele were arrested in January 1999 at their Placer County, California mountain home, where police claim to have found 265 marijuana plants.

Police alleged that the Kubby’s plants were a cash crop. The Kubbys countered that they had medical marijuana recommendations which protected them under Prop. 215, and that they had never sold marijuana. The case received international media attention and was seen as a test case for Prop. 215.

The jury hung 11-1 in favor of acquittal on all marijuana-related charges, but found Steve Kubby guilty of felony possession of a tiny mushroom stem and four alleged peyote buttons. The alleged peyote buttons were no bigger than a quarter inch in diameter.

Michele Kubby was not found guilty of anything.

Look for extensive coverage of this historic case and its implications in the next issue of Cannabis Culture magazine.The Kubby Family

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